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Beloved Shiva-Shakti,
Welcome to PeaceQuiet Tantra Massage Midlands your a little 'piece of paradise' in WEST MIDLANDS. PeaceQuiet Tantra Temple offer an environment of honour respect and wisdom, as we take a liberating approach to our human senses spontaneous orgasmic sensual erotic expressions.

Lingham Massage, Yoni Massage, Mouth Massage, Anus Massage, Feeding ritual, Washing ritual are different elements which when combined can amount to either a Tantra Massage or a Tantra Erotic Massage. Carefully designed skill that require time to develop, mature, therefore cannot be rushed or submitted to an hurried environment.

Most people In UK come to Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage in search of relaxation or straightforward gratifying orgasmic pleasure. Yet very little is known about the body much little is expected of the body. Following Tantra, The TAO, and ZEN traditions Tantra Massage, and Tantra Erotic Massage offer an opportunity for direct understand of the body, so can the a reality beyond the gross body can be sensed directly and clearly. This transcendental experience is in itself the greatest awareness of and alternative way of Life!

Naturally Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage can also lead to a state of meditation, which is yet again another opportunity for a highest state of consciousness awareness.  The massage is yet another skill for  lasting peace, silence & emptiness of mind & deep state of presence awareness.

For us traditional Tantras the human body is naturally orgasmic, sensual and erotic. The massage offers an opportunity for one to become aware of the body as a mere energetic expressions. We take the body to be totally articulated by a-sexual vital forces that allow us to sense and interpret the world in such direct and personal way;

It is mind that implants the idea of sex (a fully learned behaviour and a cultural concept). Tantra massage and Erotic Massage endeavours to redirect the receiver's attention beyond the deep tissue. Beyond the inner and outer mind, into Restfulness - the 'Valley Orgasm' - Silence which is beyond "sex and death", beyond body. Osho.

Tantra massage is effectively the complete let go.The beauty of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage is in its simplicity; no expectations, no requirements, no demands, ... full trust. The success is in the degree by which one can fully surrender to the unfolding moment. The Knowledge around Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage  is non cognitive. To know Tantra that is present in the massages requires Direct Self Realisation.

We invite you to experience A True Massage one which is rich in Real and Authentic Tantra Tradition, and is been recognised for its Scientifically tested Skills following follow Zen monk Andro A. Rothe, father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage and founder of the First Institute of Tantra Massage in the world, Berlin 1975. Shakti Verah was a student of Andro, and Andro's Institute. "Tantra comes from India and Tibet BUT Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage come from Berlin, trademark by Diamond Lotus Berlin!

Shakti has been trained to express the full complexity of Tantra massage and Tantra Erotic Massage with Mindlessness. The massage skill are those of grace, beauty, and authentic energetic flow. One which takes body holistically, and does so by unifying the mind, therefore her massage is not limited or conditioned to the gross body or fixated on one  single aspect of the body.

We say recognised  if your mind it's been dominated with Western teachings where sex is at the centre of heaven and also hell.  Simply surrender and let your body show you the way out of conditioning and sexual limitations back to the genuine, authentic natural pleasure, which is the authentic genuine you. Master of your body not a servant of it.

The body will  naturally take you back to the a-sexual Being, where silence and deep lasting and true satisfaction abides by. This is not a promise this is a fact! Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are much greater than sex, because sex is stuck to culture whereas the massage takes you to that precious moment of unconditional nameless mindless sensing, feeling, pleasure,  and natural  stillness which is beyond the orgasmic erotic sensual blissfulness imposed by belief, trends, fashion, drugs and pharmaceuticals, women, men, partnerships and relationships.

Shakti was direct disciple of Advaita Master Moojiji and Shivam O'brian. Shakti is been confirmed Self Realised and given the name Kumari ji. Ji is a sign of respect and became a tradition following Papa ji direct disciple of Sri Baghavam Ramana "The Lion of Arunachala". Kumariji is here to offer the skill and the opportunity for THE REDISCOVERY OF GENUINE AUTHENTIC SELF. Uniquely she points you to that through a Tantra Massage, a cup a tea, a one to one chat!

Notice that there is a massage called Tantra but Tantra is not a massage. Tantra massage is made in Berlin by Zen Monk Andro Roth. Tantra is from India ( now extinct) and Tibet which is still alive in its authentic forms and lineages none of which points or has ever pointed to tantric sex  ( doesn't exist, o pure British invention) or to massage.

Andro's his Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are effective tools to Authentic Self Realisation, a development from basic aspects of our human form, to the authenticity of our being; hence the name TANTRA massage.

Shakti Verah aka Kumari ji

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