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Beloved Shiva-Shakti,
Welcome to PeaceQuiet Tantra Massage Midlands your little 'piece of absolute Peace & Quiet' in WEST MIDLANDS. PeaceQuiet Tantra Temple offer an environment of honour and respect not only for you and our practitioners but above all  for Tantra and Tantra Massage skill and methodology. It is important that our unique approach to the human body, its senses, and its orgasmic sensual erotic expressions should not be misconstrued or taken as an invitation for mundane, immoral, or ordinary attitudes and behaviour.

To PeaceQuiet Tantra massage and Erotic massage are mere tools of Meditation and Self Enquiry. The Meditation arises with massage itself.  The fact that the massage offers the receiver's body the opportunity to express its own sensual orgasmic pleasure, joy, happiness, does not mean that we the givers of the massage are in some way responsible or the givers of such pleasures. We massage unconditionally and totally aimless, is up to the receiver's body to respond with freedom honour and respect.

Is entirely up to each individual body cell to respond to the touch according to the body's own reality, its ability to respond to freedom. As this is not a matter for the mind, all habits and attitudes can easily be transcended providing the receiver chooses to favour surrender, effortless pleasure, and spontaneous joy above all projections and graspingness.

Our massages are organised and follow a methodology, as such we are not concerned with forcing anyone's body to respond or preventing anyone's body from respond to one thing or another in one way or the other. Our concern as Tantra Practitioners is to welcome and to allow spontaneous flow of senses feelings emotions in a safe environment of no judgement, no expectations as well as a honouring attitude to self, the space and above all the giver of the massage.

Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are Pure moment of joy. Developed by Zen monk Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975, Tantra Massage is also known as "the Healing Touch". To PeaceQuiet "healing" means 'one's own power and ability to surrender to effortlessness'. This direct discovery is the whole purpose of our massage session. Effectively we use the body and all its senses, organs, as the tool for transcend. Through innate natural sensual orgasmic pleasure both  the gross body and the gross mind lose their rigidity and the space and opportunity to sense simplicity of our very existence arises.   When we sense Simplicity and Effortlessness most of what seems to agitate and cause conflict will lose its power to influence, to trouble and to cause anxiety.

Tantra massage and Tantra Erotic massage are made up by different elements; Lingham Massage, Yoni Massage, Mouth Massage, Anus Massage, Feeding ritual, Washing ritual, Energetic Touch make up either Tantra Massage or Tantra Erotic Massage. Tantra Erotic Massage does massage the Primary Erogenous Zones, being the mouth, anus, penis, vagina, where as Tantra Massage doesn't. Even though The elements of Tantra Erotic Massages are massages in their own right, these elements must be combined according to the tantra massage methodology and skill. For example a Mouth Massage or Lingham massage will not be given as isolated massages. These are mere elements.

The benefits of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage:  
If any, benefits should be seen as bi products not the "aim" of Tantra Massage or Tantra Erotic Massage.

Most people regard Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage as a nice way to help them relax, and have a respite from the stresses of every day life. Many hope to end erectile dysfunctions. Others look to in hope of becoming better lovers, reach long lasting orgasms and learn how to have prolonged erection. In a way they hope to substitute Viagra with Tantra Massage and Erotic Massage, which are all ideas promoted by Western tantric businesses. A good number of people hope to use Tantra Massage and Erotic Massage as a substitute for the missing sexual partner, a way of readdressing the sexless marriages and sexless lives . This is exactly how most people perceive Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage and within this mundane realm the benefits are endless.

Following Tantra, The TAO, ZEN, Advaita, Buddhism, our Tantra Massage, and Tantra Erotic Massage are opportunities for profound understand of our bodies feelings and emotions. One unique and direct purpose: SELF. We look for a whole new consciousness can arise and within that a whole new fresh approach life, work, home, neighbourhood, society and above all Self is arises within that.

The massage points to a reality which is beyond the gross body; one which is not attached to believes, cultural, intellectual choices, any religion, any socially learned attitudes, fashion or conceptual values and, it does so in an extremely enjoyable sensuous orgasmic erotic set up. We hope to demonstrate that the very things we seek which are pleasure, peace, happiness, joy are already what we are and we need not go far or look far it not even one inch away from self or outside self.

Following Tantra principles, Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage can, and for the majority will lead to a state of meditation. This is a good starting point for those who otherwise would never had the opportunity to meditate or the opportunity to known that they too can meditate, unload, let go and surrender to silence peace tranquillity. PeaceQuiet say that the benefits of tantra massage and Tantra Erotic Massage is Surrender to a high state of consciousness awareness, but most people have already made their mind up about it. We ask people give our massages the space and the understanding the massages deserve, because this is the only way people will truly know Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massages and will come to realise that Tantra Massages are not embroidered sex.

Whose fault is it for getting it so wrong?     
. . . how to can one help Tantra massage the credit it deserves?

When comes to Tantra particularly Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage the question of credit and credibility is an individual matter. This is a direct and unique encounter and  must continue in this way. If we tray to regulate 'meaning' and 'interpretations' we will  run the risk of turning the massage into a religion or one more form of oppression and conditioning. Tantra is a tool not a doctrine, the massages are also tools which are made available for those who seek to enrich their understand and their relationship to life.

Those who seek the truth will find it! The credit is not so much on the massages, and is much less on the practitioners.  Openness with self is precisely what the massage is doing on an individual level.

There is genuine confusion about Tantra and the massages which are the result of poor teaching, and the many levels of misinterpretation attributed to the massages and to tantra- some innocent other deliberately done. The belief that Tantra is a massage, Tantra is a better form of sex, a technique that will help solve all forms of relationships and sexual dysfunctions, is precisely that: a belief.

Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage skill and methodology can be learned through a workshop and formal training. With some work effort and dedication people can easily master the "healing Touch". Tantra on the other hand is complex, because one must be it by being it, not by tuition and training. Tantra massages are from Berlin where as Tantra is from India and Tibet.  Tantra has two known Lineages each branching out to over 400 other lineages, many of which with sub local traditions and sub traditions.

In total Tantra was and still is a thousand years old methodology of life, the pointer to the essence of our own individual TRUTH. The question is what truth and whose truth. In Tantra we have lineages that verge from  sexual practices, human and animal sacrifice, robbing the healthy and the physically perfect  in sacrifice of goddess Kali, necrophilia,  all of which lay claim and inspiration from "Tantra".

Is up to each individual to decide what is darn stupid.  I have decided that sex will not bring me or those who visit this temple to the truth or to enlightenment because sex is the highest dualistic state of mind. In the presence of duality there is no liberation.  Sex and Enlightenment / Truth/ are like crude oil and water they do not mix. Nothing wrong with oil or water, each are valid and have their own place and space. Our duty is to recognise our need and ensure we honour each individual  place and space.

Tantra is not against sex but to call it Sacred Tantra does mount to what Sadguru calls "Heresy". The West doesn't seen to differentiate between procreation and sex hence the difficulty. PeaceQuiet leaves procreation to universal order, it has its own timing its own place and space one which is natural  spontaneous aspects of our body chemistry. Unlike procreation sex is mind centred, a socially establish behaviour and attitude as such sex as Osho says, its ugly.

In the West sex has served to control and to limit people. It has developed into a powerful currency one which oils power, crime, morals, politics. Sex can buy someone the title of sex symbol (David Beckham), and also  have someone impeach (Bill Clinton) and even serve to ruin someone else's carrier (Eliot Spitzer).

As a word sex ans its sisters words orgasm, erection, penis, vagina, are perfectly acceptable when written all over NHS websites because its aimed at healing, but when written on a tantra website the very same words become offensive, promiscuous, as it aims at joy and pleasure. The lack of consistency is a clear indication that sex is mind. Mind is never stable it can't therefore deliver stability. Takes maturity to overcome this self destructive childishness.

Tantras understand that whether cultural or natural sex does exist. It is a fact of life therefore there is nothing to add or remove from this fact. Tantras are not against procreation neither are they against sex. We simple know that like procreation sexual activity has its place and Tantra, is not the place for sexual activity.

We know that being limited sex cannot dominate every aspect of our human existence. Tantra points to the recognition of our innate  Pure Mind.

This is a contradiction

why touching the body, if it has to be transcended?

Why look at our thoughts if we aim at no thought. Why watch the mind when we aim at no mind? As Osho said Unless we know the nature of what is that we must transcended how can we possibly achieve that? For us traditional Tantra Massage practitioners the human body is naturally orgasmic, naturally sensual and naturally erotic, we do not see sex anywhere.  Orgasmic, sensual, erotic are mere a-sexual vital forces, but the westernise mind doesn't see it in this way.

If we look around nature we will recognise these vital forces and aspect occurring through every living form. But the West sees these forces as being exclusive to humans and animal. To assert our human superiority  these forces became sex something we God fearing humans should resist and frown upon. These guilt, fear and shame still dominating out thinking and attitudes to sex even though sex is everywhere.

The reason is simple, the West has not yet matured to decide what it wants with sex. The problem is not sex, sex its everywhere. With sexual oppression comes the necessary conditioning the dominance of one group one person over the other.

It is therefore up to each individual to seek its own maturity. Know your body as pure energetic expression and realise that sex is a political tool - one which  has trapped our senses our innate cell intelligence whilst arising in us a need that is not genuine of us. Through social cultural religious convention we have limited our [possibilities as pure a- sexual tissue (water and food transformed in tissue) that we truly are we,  in return of a  narrowed and conditioned existence.

As Sadguru marked, "when we make the limited unlimited we suffer!". For PeaceQuiet this means when we  limit the body, (our vehicle of sensing the Supreme the Life we truly are) into minor aspects of our human condition, such as eating, sex, work, sleep, have children, get married, be male, be female, white, black, poor or millionaire, king or commoner, guru, religion...

We have created suffering because we have swapped our mightiness ( the unfolding presence awareness, the unfolding emptiness we are), with a life busy with keeping  up appearances, busy with trying to give form to the formless, busy giving permanence to what is clearly transient. This is a direct and individual realisation which must be experienced and cannot be taught. Our tantra massage and erotic massage can and will return the body to the awareness of no-body - no-mind. Mindlessness which is Pure Unfolding Presence Awareness. PEACE.

What is the rate of success amongst genuine seekers...

. . . would I ever get it with a tantra massage?

The success is in the degree by which one can fully surrender to the unfolding moment and by the depth by which one welcomes presence awareness as the ever lasting unfolding Self.  There is nothing to be gotten. Self is a direct realisation.  Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage presents you with the Direct Recognition of Here Now in the same way Meditation is to present you with.

Notice that a fully trained Tantra Massage Practitioner is required for a genuine tantra massage. For Direct Self Enquiry, A tantra massage practitioner who has come to Direct Recognition of Self is  required.  Understand that there is a massage called tantra massage,  and a massage called Tantra Erotic Massage. They are both made in Germany, by Zen monk (German) Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975.

BUT Tantra is from India and Tibet. Direct Self Understanding, is shared by both the massage and Tantra, hence the name of the massage. Tantra does not need a massage and is not a massage. But tantra massage without its tantra framework of Self Understanding and Self Rediscovery becomes  a massage like any other mundane massage! By mundane PeaceQuiet means a massage preoccupied with limited and transient aspects of our existence, meaning feelings, senses, emotions, relaxation and so on.

As a tool for self rediscovery Tantra Massage Diamond Lotus Method is a bless to the West. The massage deals directly with our Western Imagination and with our direct concerns: need, fears, limitations, lack of boundaries.  Without judgement, expectations, fear, criticism, the massage uses the body to transcend the body in an welcoming and respectful manner that recognises the way by which we have conditioned our senses and narrowed our understanding into one single pointed reality "sex".

The recognition of our authentic reality requires space for that recognition take place. In a tantra massage and erotic massage this space arises as the backdrop of the celebration of states of  feelings senses and emotions. These states come and go but the awareness through which these states take form remain formless, timeless and still unaffected by anything or anyone: Peace!

The authentic genuine Self is Master of this entire universe, yet we live half of our life in fear of most basic aspects of our human body, the other half we live trying to legitimise  these fears which are all based on fabricated morality.  How long does it take anyone to recognise the possibility that our real morality is the duty to know Self?  To know a Self, which is prior to culture, concepts, values, conditioning, language, thought. All of this  does depend on how much one hates the mask we all live our lives under, and how tired one is of living in this narrow version of our human existence.

PeaceQuiet practitioners are all trained in Tantra Massage.  Shakti Verah will also point you to the clarity of mind, leaving you to then decide if Clarity is for you and whether an a-sexual body is to rank lower or higher in authenticity, joy, freedom to the sexual body. Whether your authenticity is limited to the indoctrination the believes  we have received through our up bringing and through almost every aspect of our day to day lives. Try genuine tantra way with PeaceQuiet!

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