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Beloved readers,
When comes to tantra massage and tantra erotic massage 12 years on and the UK is slightly at a much better place of understanding. Or is it?
Popular definition we get everyday is as follows "tantra its not ALL about sex, its more a spiritual thing, much slower, much better kind of massage than some other massages available in places out there".
Sounds fantastic but suppose that other practices, methodologies, philosophies, were defined in this way, would it have passed?

Is best if we explain the problem by dissecting the popular definition:
"tantra its not all about sex. Tantra its more like a spiritual thing, a slower and much better than any other massage which are offered in some places ".

a) tantra its not ALL about sex.
by ALL we imply that at least some of it is. Which is not the case.
Besides a culture dominated by sex, can there be anything which could be understood or conveyed outside sex?
Is it sex that people are seeing or the seeing is tainted by a mind dominated by sex?
So long as we insist on looking at all aspects of our existence and at the world through the lenses of mind we will always see sex popping up everywhere.

From a traditional Hindu perspective tantra takes care of "higher state of consciousness and existence".
Culture on the other hand takes care of the ordinary such as day to day actions and activity, believes, morals and... traditions.

Is true that Traditional Tantra takes care of all aspects of life, it is a skill of life, wisdom intelligence we are to live by.
Sure sex is also an aspect of life but we also know that recognise up until British influence that up until the arrival and the influence from British traditions believes and values, India wasn't a culture of sex.
Sex as a word, sex as attitude, sex as behaviour, sex as in prostitution were all foreign to India's cultural imagination.

The West takes the view that sex is part of life and therefore nature.
Traditional (Hindu) Tantras took the view that procreation is part of life.
Since Tantra has been around thousand of years Before Christ, and thousand years more before the arrival of British influence in India PeaceQuiet Tantra Practitioners has decided to favour the view which defines  sex as being culture and procreation as being nature. Tantra as nothing to do with sex or sexuality.
b) "tantra...its more spiritual thing".
Tantra is Tantra. Tantra is. Its this simple.
Again we are going too far with 'our own world'. Different cultures different reality.
West is a believer that good deeds will owe us a place in heaven and sin will take us to hell.
Hindu tradition is about reincarnation. Good deeds here now or experience rebirth.
As such Tantra is a guide to life, wisdom, intelligence which teach and support us in our quest to attain Self Awareness, Freedom, Peace here on earth.
We say that humans are the supreme living a human experience. Our job is to awake to this truth.

c) Tantra is...much slower, much better kind of massage than some other massages...
No not true. There is a massage called Tantra but Tantra  is not a massage. Has never been.
Otherwise Tibet and Buddha teachings would have said so.

Registered under as Tantra Massage von Andro®, Tantra Massage and Tantra erotic massage are both MADE IN BERLIN 1975.
As for being slow, according to Andro tantra massage is to evoke emotions.
According to our tradition emotions run in two flows:
a)Yin: Soft gentle light slow.
(deal with deep dormant emotions)
b)Yang: hard, fast, heavy, tough
(deal with cell memory)
The massage movements run in three flows:
1-Yin + 2-Yang + 3-Neutral which is stillness.
3- Tantra... its more spiritual thing.
NO its not. Its about how we live life here on heart.
Deities are guides, teachers, offers of useful support, wisdom intelligence to ease our journey here on earth.
Spirituality as we know it in the West doesn't come close to Self which is what tantra points will point a seeker of truth and freedom to.

Lets also put out there that spiritual sexuality which the West is so fond of makes no sense at all to Traditional Tantra.
Mind body and soul/spirit is what we are.
NOT for the tantras we are not the body we are not the mind soul and spirit are concepts, there is only the self and to this we point.
May the following questions/answers help you get a solid understand of PeaceQuiet® Tantra Temple approach to both Tantra, to tantra massages and to tantra erotic massage.

4) Tantra is ...much better than any other massage which are offered in some places.
Tantra massage is a space of no judgement.
The massage, the place might not suit or satisfy.
Either way is important to leave everything as it is and by the grace of that experience move according to what is true to ones nature, maturity, vision.

If tantric massage is not sex why is it then given by naked girl?

1- No happy with so called "naked girl" why not going for a naked boy?

a)  Unsophisticated seeing is always limited to what it can see.
Gross seeing sees men woman naked.
Whatever the gender genuine massage practitioners (not girls)  both men and women (not girls) are to massage outside such narrow parameters.
We respect everyone by providing the gender of each preference and that is as far as we will ever go.
A Tantra practitioner doesn't work from such basic level of human existence.
We are not concerned with body or with anyone's gender.
b) Tantra practitioners are driven by honour and are always vested with that, as such we say that we massage uncovered, unclothed, without cloths, which is symbolic of  "No shame and Nothing to hide."

In the West when we pay someone and when we talk of freedom it means "we get what we want"
Why can't the same applied to PeaceQuiet® tantric masseuses?

1- The answer may lie in the fact that PeaceQuiet Tantra practitioners are not tantric masseuses.
We are tantra practitioners and tantra massage practitioners.
Our level of training and skill is the equivalent and may even tower the training of many recognised alternative practices.
For many of us Tantra is our way of life.
Other have been in training for 12 or more years.
People pay for the wisdom and the skills as well as the space we have to offer.

2- Freedom which depend upon using someone else's body is a ghastly form of oppression.
To think that the female  body is a sex commodity men or woman can purchase is not freedom, it is  actually a dishonour to humanity.
If anything such behaviour harms society and wounds individuals beyond repair tantra practitioners and tantra massage practitioners could never encourage or agree to.
DO NOT APPROACH PeaceQuiet® if driven by this degree of gross self disrespect.
We regard such attitude as slow life nonsense.

To us in the West touching certain parts of the body means sex.
Why can't PeaceQuiet® tantra practitioners accept this, since you are working here in the West?

1- PeaceQuiet® is been run by a Self Aware practitioner therefore what is pointed here is very clear.
we use tantra massage as a tool to point to a self which cannot be defined by geographical points.

2- Since tantra massage have been first developed and first practised here in the West [since 1975] " only makes sense to us practitioners that since we are "working here in the West" we follow the rules and the methodologies as developed  by the West itself.
It was a western man Andro Andreas Rothe that came to the conclusion that the body is a-sexual.
He equally concluded that even though the body is naturally pleasure sex is a matter for the mind not the body per ce.
The body only knows the here now.
As such if the here now is not been set up or determined by sex, sex  the body should not react in a sexual way.
To find sex first one must go into the mind for the body to act upon it in a way which could be considered or is considered as sexual.

a) Tantra massage as developed by the West is not for the mind.
Tantra massage is for the intellectually neutral, a-sexual YET a body that responds to the essence of its  orgasmic, sensual and erotic flow.
b) Our tantra massage space is sacred and has been created for the NO MIND.
c) Mundane attitudes towards the body are not welcomed by PeaceQuiet® practitioners.

Tantra massage is very erotic, orgasmic and sensual, does the practitioner who provide the service has as much fun as us blokes do?

This is a common mistake.
1- People ought to understand that sensual erotic or orgasmic is the natural state of our bodies, and  not the massage.
The way the receiver chooses to respond to these energetic flows has nothing to do with the Giver of the massage be it female or male practitioner.

Tantra massage is a moment for intimacy meaning IN TO ME I SEE. Its a moment for effortlessness, Stillness, Self.
As such there is no space for the "other".

Tantra Massage practitioner job is to hold a space of freedom, trust, no judgement, no criticism.
Our job is to guide and point to what tantra massage stands for. Fun is not in our mildest interest.

Tantra massage is open to everyone above the age of consent.
Our concern is with the no body therefore, men woman (blokes behaviours and attitudes) are to be left outside our tantra massage space.

Does a proper tantra massage ever progress into sex? How many sessions before we are allowed to go to a deeper state with practitioner?

1- DON'T APPROACH PeaceQuiet® if this is your attitude.
This lime of enquiry is actually unflattering, ignorant and offensive.
No matter how such requests are well worded they are always a form of bullying and emotional and energetic rape no one should be put someone through.
If genuine tantra massage is not for you, move along.
As a genuine business, law abiding tax payer, PeaceQuiet® not only reserve the right to report such unsolicited behaviour to the police but has the duty to preserve its integrity and that of its staff.

I suffer from premature ejaculation and I haven't been in a relationship for sometime. Can a tantra massage help me with my blockages?

1- Premature ejaculation please visit a doctor.
AND AGAIN we are not concerned with the body.
We use the body, broken or unbroken, functional or dysfunctional to point you to the no body and the no mind.

NOTE: we are aware of claims people make about the various improvements they have experienced as a result of having tantra massages.
We simply put that down as BY-PRODUCT.
as fantastic as one may feel the by-product is not the essence.
Try to follow our pointing.

2- Relationship status is not something a traditional Tantra practitioner is necessarily concerned with.
We are concerned with the unfolding moment which is the 'Right here - Right now'.

3- The only blockade which deserve our attention is the 'lack of awareness about the perfect self'.
Our practitioners are trained to point to that in the most enjoyable way which is traditional of tantra massage.

How does one  prepare oneself for your tantra massage?
This seems so different from all other massages on the net- We don't know what to expect.

1- We say come to us as you are.
2- Trust our skill and surrender.
3- we work in the here now as such. we ask for trust and surrender not expectations.
Let us point you to how we came to see, love, and value, respect and honour our existence beyond mind, beyond body, above feelings, above emotions and beyond and above every social statutes men and woman have created and is been fighting for under the sun.

Joy, pleasure, is not bound to the body, doesn't depend on the interaction of someone else's agency. Such joy and pleasure, love freedom cannot be found...its what we are.
PeaceQuiet is here to share such wonderful news with you. Trust us.

Can you teach me how to be happy?

1-You are THAT which you are seeking.
2- To help you with this level of Self Awareness we use tools offered by two distinctive traditions:

a) tantra massage and tantra erotic massage as developed by our direct master Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975.
b) Advaita Self enquiry/ "meditation" as developed by Baghavan Sri Ramana, India XVIII century.

PeaceQuiet® is run by a Self Aware resident practitioner, Direct disciple of Sri Moojiji.

All over the internet we can see people claim they are the real one. Why should we trust you?

Don't trust us.
Trust your instinct.
On the net people can copy and past text and sound very genuine.
But are they pointing you to their teachers and master in a way they can be easily located by simple Google search?
Or are they talking from essence or simply making wild claims?
Tantra which is secret is of no use, it means it shouldn't be taught.
A secret which was been passed on secretly and as a secret should remain a secret, as such useless.

Knowledge points to knowledge in the same way Self points to Self.
Those who are looking for self will find their direct master.
Those who are looking for sex will find their darlings.
Like attracts like.

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d- Tantra Mentoring
e- Tantra counselling
f- Tea ritual
g- Group session

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Our Resident Practitioner and Sage
Shakti Verah
Direct follower of Sri Moojiji, India-Portugal.
1- Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage form men, woman and couples.
2- Meditation.
3- Advaita Self Enquiry.
4- Tantra Emotional mentoring for couples, men, women, and groups.

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Temple/ Bookings/ Prices/ Massage Ritual/ Videos/ Qualifications

PeaceQuiet® 2016
Enquiries for sex services, escorts services, working girls, are unflattering and unnecessary mark of enormous disrespect for our practitioner.
we reserve the right to reported offender to the police and to the respective network company.
For our protections all blocked/private numbers are ignored. All appointment requests must be presented via text message.

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