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"A space for tranquillity where all the nonsense of life loses its grip over the mind
a skill with which the body can easily live free from chaotic and environmental influences
a teaching about ever lasting Peace."

POSITION now open for
"Certified Tantra Massage Practitioners."
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As chilled out and as beneficial tantra massage can be, it is important that the receiver of the massage becomes aware of very basic principles.
Is important to respect the practitioner's very own inner space and the way in which the massage session unfold. Without this inner stability there will be no tantra massage session.

Should you wish to benefit from Tantra Massage, Tantra Erotic Massage, Advaita/Enquiry-Meditation, or Mentoring session kindly make sure that this page and all suggested pages  are carefully read through, and that have agreed to our principles within the confines of your own self.

Please ensure that:

1- you have checked our Prices and method of payment and you are happy with it.

2- you have made yourself familiar with the complexity of PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage rituals - Meditation - Mentoring Sessions

a) you now know for certain that PeaceQuiet® DOES NOT cater for escort/sex services/ mundane or spiritual encounters.

b) PeaceQuiet® sessions are SINGLE POINTED at Eastern tradition.

c) PeaceQuiet® uses Tantra massages as TOOLS to convey the very essence of Eastern teachings.

d) We use Eastern Advaita teachings as  FRAMEWORK of understanding.

e) Meditation as self help tool for self awareness/ realisation.
4- In reality PeaceQuiet® sessions can be considered as teachings not as little-get-together for some seedy-mundane fun.
Is clear inappropriate to assume that for a fee we are willing to allow incorrect posture and disrespect towards our sacred space, our sage and, our self honouring practitioners.

5- kindly make sure you visit our Qualification page prior to calling us.

a) this can reassure anyone that PeaceQuiet® is run by formally certified/ qualified, skilled professional Tantra-practitioner and sage.

b) PeaceQuiet® is a registered Business - Registration Number UK00003047229.

d) PRACTITIONER/s is the correct form of address.

4- you are a million percent sure that you step into our space willing to explore our Eastern Tradition as we know it

a) not as portrayed or practised elsewhere

b) not as you wished as a result of experiences acquired elsewhere.

Despite using sensual erotic orgasmic energetic flow our massage sessions should not be mistaken for anything either than a skill, a fully genuine, respectable approach to life, to our human nature and existence.

c) Should our sexless non dualistic approach to the human body clash with equally valid Christian, Victorian moral values kindly don't call PeaceQuiet®.
d) we are very clear and skilled in what we do.
Join us in this clarity. Meet us with unconditional self love. Honour our sacred space with self respect.

5- to BOOK kindly follow the sample:

"Hello PeaceQuiet
Appointment request
Thank you
Peter & Maria"

5- to CANCEL kindly follow the sample:

"PLEASE CANCEL 21-3-2017@13:45@120minutes@Meditation.
Thank you
Peter & Maria"

A Tantra Temple is a dedicated space for Massage, Meditation and Mentoring and requires correct posture.

1- Correct posture.
a) Is self respect.
b) no expectations

2- No Expectations
It arises naturally in the presence of surrender to the here now - and trust for the unfolding moment.

"There are many fake tools but even that Tantra tools are many and can be used in zillions ways.
Understand that ours are unique to us.

For example some people wish to use Cobra Breath techniques as a tool to connect with deeper self or even with the massage practitioner.
PeaceQuiet® has nothing against Cobra Breath or any other method but we rather work with tools that lead towards Eastern Self Centred and Non dualistic Approach.

3- We know our work PeaceQuiet® doesn't mimic or replicate. Expecting that PeaceQuiet® is set to provide experiences lived elsewhere is arrogant and unnecessary.

5- understand that PeaceQuiet® Practitioners are NOT substitutes for girlfriends, sick wives, or sex sex partners.
Is important to adopt the correct posture: "no expectation, no comparisons, surrender to the here now, desire to enquire and become aware of the supreme self/ truth.

PeaceQuiet® teachings follow two disciplines:
1- Diamond Lotus Tantra Massage Methodology as developed by Andro Andreas Rothe, Berlin 1975, father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage.
2- Non dualistic Advaita methodology as taught by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharsi, Tamil Nadu  XVIII.

"There is a massage called Tantra Massage but Tantra is not a massage.
Tantra comes from India. Tantra Massage comes from Berlin. Anything else is cheap literature and fantasy."

tantric sex comes from Europe.
Instead of making sex better, instead of two become one through sex Eastern traditions regard sex as the biggest duality. Like all dualities it must be transcended. Tantra offers the necessary tools.

Our precepts say that "no expectation" is the right posture. When we speak of aims we are talking about a the frame work of understanding we offer and invite people to test and apply in their day to day activities and lives.

PeaceQuiet® tools are unique yet traditional. What we teach can easily be put to the test.
In good Eastern Tradition We point to Self/ to the ultimate truth.

Even though the tools have changed through time, and have changed to suit a particular culture, people or society self/ 'truth' however has remained the same.
There is an enormous difference between Buddha's tools and tools used by for example Sri Baghavan Ramana Maharshi and even by more recent masters. Each master and Sage is unique in their methodology yet From times before Buddha to beyond time the self/ truth we point to has always remained the same. As such genuine teachings can easily be put to the test.

The truth remain that Tantra is about SELF.
Self being the ultimate truth is hard to comprehend how the west has manage to present Tantra as a form of better sex.
If people believe that through sex they can reach highest state of sex partnerships is one think.
To claim that tantra is tantric (better) sex, this is not only silly and ignorance, it is also very disrespectful.

Given that Buddha taught  tantra and that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is Master of Kalachakra "tantric sex is in fact heresy".

PeaceQuiet® use modern tantra massage and tantra erotic massage skill and understanding as tools through which we point to self/ the truth.
Having been developed in the west Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are ideal skills that can help us deal with issues which are unique to our cultural conditioning, traumas and imagination.

Andro Rothe is of the opinion that unless we resolve the fears around our body its nature and emotions, and so long as we continue to determine our nature by our conditioning the ground for transcendence will not bare much fruit.

The way we PeaceQuiet® work with Andro's methodology is influenced by our DIRECT understanding of Self.

PeaceQuiet® does not deny that Tantra massage and Tantra erotic massage are one the most pleasurable arousing orgasmic sensual massages so far developed.REMEMBER PeaceQuiet® is not the place for mundane attitudes towards the human body. Vulgar attitudes are not the right posture.

PeaceQuiet® provides a space for direct understanding of the supreme in you/self.
Such is sensed through the body. Manifested as joy, pleasure, peace, tranquillity, emptiness, self remain sacred. Regardless of all emotional and physical manifestation one my experience during or after a massage our Temple remain Sacred place of Honour.

Be FREE Expressive without ever losing the right posture.

PeaceQuiet® is here to assist you.
If you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Best is to say very little.
Once fully aware that PeaceQuiet® is not a place for sex and mundane attitudes, booking is all that is required.

To book is very simple. Send a text:

"Hello PeaceQuiet
Appointment 21-3-2017@13:45@90minutes@Meditation session.
Thank you

PeaceQuiet® is here for those who seek to honour the here & now and those who are minimally interested in following our traditional pointing towards the sacredness of our human sensual, erotic, orgasmic nature and its role in pointing our awareness towards the truth essence of our human experience.

Much love
CV34 5QW

Ph: 0776 6890 826

Our Resident Practitioner and Sage
Shakti Verah
Direct follower of Sri Moojiji India-Portugal.
1- Tantra Massage & Tantra Erotic Massage form men, woman and couples.
2- Meditation Advaita Inner Search and awareness.
3- Advaita Self Enquiry,
4- Emotional mentoring for couples, men, women, and groups.

PeaceQuiet®                                   Mobile: 0776 6890 826

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PeaceQuiet® 201.  Registration number UK00003047229.

Enquiries for sex services, escorts services, working girls, is unflattering and unnecessary and may risk being reported to the police and to the respective network company.
For our protections all blocked/private numbers are ignored.

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