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Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage are two of the most beautiful massages on Earth. Developed by Andro Rothe in Berlin 1975, these massages provide us with the tools to address Western attitudes and assumptions about sexuality at both societal and individual levels.

Many seek Tantra massage out of desire for a novel sexual experience or simply out of frustration as their sexual needs have not been met in other ways. This is a shame because it would be easy to miss the point of the massage when approached from these perspectives.

I invite you to look inside and challenge your ideas about tantra massage and sex before coming to a session.

For clarity, there is a massage called Tantra but, Tantra is not about massage. Is extremely safe to say that Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage were developed in Berlin and not India. Andro's Yoni massage and Lingham Massage specifically are a refinement of massages developed in USA 1970s/80s by sexologist Annie Sprinkle (Yoni Massage) and Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. (lingham massage). Is not yet clear if these borrowed sacred terms 'Yoni - Lingham' were original of Annie and Joseph Kramer or if Andro Andreas Rothe was the one to introduced them in the first.  Given that Andro was the one who had a background in Tantra Teachings all points towards Andro.

Andro Andreas Rothe in nevertheless the father of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage. Andro is Advanced in Age but not ancient, he hasn't yet lived thousand of years. The false claim run in line that tantric massage is thousand yea spurs old ancient practice practices in tantric temples in Ancient India. Andro can be found in Berlin alive, well, and teaching still.  Again Is very safe to say that the stories about Tantra which have been presented to us as being a kind of spiritual massage for better sex is the mother of all deceit and somewhat heresy.

Many Western books have been written on the topic. Most authors portray Tantra as an adjective, one which serves to add a spiritual and esoteric quality to sex and the mundane. Somehow the writers and their audiences seem to seek some form of legitimacy for their own individual and group sex orientation and projections; and by calling their style of lives tantric sex, or ancient spiritual sexuality from India, they seem to have forged a sense of permission and false authority for themselves in a subject and behaviour the general public still find hard to accept. Tantric sex is an attempt to brake free from our Christian based principles and morality. This is our very own western fight which shouldn't be justified or hidden under any banner.

People are somewhat sedated by this false claim which seem to play well within the tolerance we have developed about other cultures and other ways of life. Unfortunately we are not dealing with Any real claim or multiculturalism, we are dealing with embroidered sex, something that in reality exists only within our Western imagination. The tantric sex and tantric sexuality 'the sex lie' has been printed so many times that it begins to sound real and true to most of us.

"Spiritual Sex" as "practised" by "ancient India" may give our Western sex a more palatable taste, and higher moral ground but in essence tantric sex is a fallacy which we should perhaps use as a frame for an open discussion and even change around some attitudes. Our often punitive, less than healthy and very immature attitudes to sex is in need of some urgent discussion and even reform.

Spiritual healer and enlightened people claim to be dipping their toes in Tantra (meaning tantric sex) when in reality they are regressing into duality. Tantra practices will inevitably brings us to a point where we seek to transcend all forms of separation of self from other.

I suggest we move forward from the false description of tantric sex to find out what exactly do we as "healers",  "spiritual" gang and society at large hope to achieve with this farce and fallacy? If sex is what we western people want why do we have to disguise what we want or seek to achieve as something else?

Given the immature and unhealthy attitudes we have in relation to sex we as a society would benefit if we took some degree of responsibility for what we aim to achieve. If we believe that sex is spiritual to us why do we have to attribute such claims to India, or justify ourselves with Tantra, and in the process demise what is clearly a sacred tradition we are deeply ignorant about?  In this paper I don't deal with questions of our fear and immaturity. In this paper I am concern with "Tantric" sex vis-a-vis Tantra, Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage.

Tantra is indeed a thousands of years old spiritual methodology.Tibet and India where Tantra once flourished and continues to influence society have not provided any literature that could indicated that Tantra has developed massage or a massage tradition for spiritual or sexual fulfilment.

India is indeed known as a place of many massages but, India did not develop Tantra Massage or Tantra Erotic Massage. These massages are ours - 'Made In Europe' - 'Made in USA'- and we can proudly make this claim. Here we have a skill and a tool that can support us in raising our consciousness and gaining freedom from all that is not genuine and authentic in our mind and our sensory bodies.

If this is your interest, you know how easy it is to find a massage and how hard it is to find competent hands and people that can direct you to the essence of Tantra either through meditation or through Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage without sex being presented as the main or even as the protracted reason or attraction.

One must be made aware that the Westernised mindset is now conditioned to make sexuality central to existence. Traditional Tantra, which is an esoteric tradition, regards sex as a minor aspect of life.

In comparison to many other cultures, Western sexuality is the most public and commercial sexuality the world has seen. Yet, this Western sexuality is marred by shame,  fear, conflict, contradictions and problems about issues most cultures don't even think about.

In the UK, we experience sex everywhere. On the one hand, sex is a commodity, a form of barter, a currency, and one of the most procured "spices" people rely upon to bring an added taste and zest to their lives. Without sex, it is feared life would be dull, boring, lonely and stressful. On the other hand, sex is marked by deeply repressive attitudes. Our Westernised sexuality is widely exploited, abundantly unfulfilled and deeply deprived of freedom and normality.

There is tension between individual morality and the morality imposed by the society we live in.  This friction has so far resulted in a quasi schizophrenic borderline craziness to the point many people perceive themselves as "sexually dysfunctional" and many more have now decided in favour of wacky and extreme behaviours, which very often have a negative affect, not only on the  individual in question but also on people who have crossed their path.

Almost everyone is secretly seeking sexual and emotional fulfilment and stability. This is where Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage can play a role in helping people realise their most fundamental error in understanding sex and "sexual energy".

No matter what we do, in reality sex can never be the agent that will fulfil and satisfy us. Even for those for whom sex holds no questions and no hang ups, must face the realisation that sex is not lasting and has a sell by date.

As a culture we add the sexual ingredient to everything. From children cartoons to cars, massages, food... sex is alluring and sells. Yet this sex lacks the qualities humans intuitively seek for. As a result, we Go through our entire life with that inner disdains faction sensed as "something is missing". When we fail to find what we seek through sex we often blame the partner or the absence of a partner. But the trouble resides in sex idea itself. As we know at the root of sex there were fears, shame, sin, concepts and attitudes that serve to dominate and control our true nature.

It would be a surprise for most people to realise that their nature is a-sexual. We are naturally orgasmic, erotic and sensual, in the same way that we are naturally peace, love and silence. Language has been sexualised. The lies that have been so often repeated and reinforced through the media for at least two centuries programme our attitudes.

We have a confusion between sex and procreation. Procreation is not sex. Sex exists only amongst humans. Animals and plants don't have sex. But every living being reproduces and procreates.

Let's take a moment to question our assumed knowledge. Can we, who are supposed to be sexually savvy, dare ask 'what is sex' and 'what is not' sex? Wouldn't be hard to demonstrate that sex is in our minds.

If we question history, we might consider that sex has been used as a tool for social engineering. In this case sex is repressed to the point of being un fulfilling. So begins the modern quest for sexual freedom and fulfilment - the assumption being that sexual pleasure is the height of human potential. And in tantra, this assumption is elevated to a belief in sex as a route to enlightenment.

And along with that assumption comes a variety of experiments as to how this should be achieved including polyamory, the search for a twin flame and sexual yoga practices. And then comes the question, 'what will happen to sex after enlightenment?'

The answer maybe very simple and obvious; when duality is transcended, sex will no longer be subjected to the filters of a belief system. Like any other human activity in such a state of being, it will be present when is present and gone when is gone. A better question is 'who would be there to police it, miss it or even reject it, or seek it?'

Some cultures do not need enlightenment for this awareness to be established. Intuitively they know that sex is part of life. But it doesn't not dominate their thinking. Up until recently the media in Portugal, Spain and Greece, for example, was and mostly still is a-sexual.

We are in the habit of looking outside self to find self, happiness, love, peace, joy. In the process we continue to feed love and sex addictions, blind to the fact what we seek is precisely what we are once the idea of what we are (body-mind) is dissolved into an undivided oneness.  We no longer think in a holistic way. We are too well versed in dualistic thinking. Millions are raised in body mind healing when in fact happiness is beyond body and beyond the grasp of mind.

Sexual attraction being the strongest expression of separation and polarity, I and sex the prime root for dysfunctional duality, is no surprise that we are primed to look for whatever is missing within the self in another, in the hope of experiencing completion and oneness. The result is often the emotional and physical exploitation of "the other".

The world is a gift and yet we turn it into a battle field of our projections. The body is a Temple and yet we turn it into an instrument, a commodity to abuse and be abused, to exploit and be exploited in hope that sex will repair every wound. Sex energy anaesthetises but does not repair. Sadly, our focus and reliance on sex obscures the truth of own completeness and the real purpose of our existence.

We make this mistake because we live in a world that reinforces the belief in separation. But, as long as we live and interpret the world and "others" though our dysfunctional dualistic thinking we shall never taste the fullness of the undivided.

Theoretically, Tantra teachings should raise our awareness and understanding of Oneness. But interpreted through a western mindset they have been misinterpreted and distorted. Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage enable an experience of Oneness in a most pleasurable, joyful, way where senses are sensed, pleasures are welcomed and joy is respected in complete neutrality in total a-sexuality.

There is a pleasure and a joy which flows freely and remains unnamed. In full honouring of the body, untouched by the limiting beliefs of the mind, the necessary space opens, from where the very source of our being can manifest itself in transparency, pure, authentic and beyond any doubt.  Body Energy becomes a vehicle but the destination is quite different from the usual expectation of genital orgasm.

For most this moment becomes an unbelievable experience. The ego may try to hold onto this - and in the process the point is missed. Only a handful of people come to the direct understanding of this Tantra seeing. For those the answer to all their questions is the sweet reminder of their way home. The place we all seek and work so hard to dismiss because our need for an identity, of something to do or someone to be, or grasp and attach to is so strong.

The truth is that we are already what we long for.

How is it you the reader will respond to your Tantra Massage session? No one can know in advance. To know this you will have to step into the "ring of fire". Suspend your expectations and desires and above all suspend limited sexual satisfaction. PeaceQuiet® is a place you can trust with this experiment and come fully aware with play of our consciousness and  awareness.

In addition to working with genuine massage skills learned directly from the father and founder of Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage, Shakti Verah is also a follower of Advaita tradition.  The set of traditions we have been trained for and chose to follow both at an individual and professional levels can be traced to their origins. We have made the information available to you Here and Here...

May you discover the true value of these massages in the most direct and profound way. May you too be blessed by the essence of your own being. Looking forward to discussing your session and any pointer raised in our article directly with you.

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